Why Opt for Concrete Stenciling

Stenciling is decorating a surface with a stencil which is a device for applying a design or characters to a surface, consisting of a thin sheet of plastic, metal, cardboard or concrete. A post by Canberra Concreter states that stencil driveways and walkways have actually been around since the 60s-70s, but stenciled concrete was more commonly used in commercial applications. Until around the late 90s, Canberra saw a large increase in stencil concrete applications in the residential market. Stenciled concrete gives you the appearance of a paved surface in addition to functionality and durability. Concrete stenciling Brisbane companies offer can be used as an alternative to decorative stamping with similar design flexibility, thus, very beneficial. This article highlights other benefits of using concrete stenciling Brisbane companies have for residential application.


The first benefit of a concrete stenciling in Brisbane is that it is easy for a novice to accomplish successfully. At any point you want concrete stenciling as a part of your project, it is not difficult to do. It is possible to perform as any competent concrete finisher can bring out a decent job at the first trial. Thus, it is more beneficial for you to use it for your design.


In addition, stenciling is disposable which makes it easy for contractors to offer customers any pattern of their choice without being expensive. Since they are disposables, there is no need for investing in a new set of tools with changing patterns as all a contractor has to do is simply buy a roll of the desired pattern. This reduces the entire cost into that job with stencil price changing according to the manufacturer.


Concrete stenciling Brisbane firms offer nowadays is advantageous as any good concrete flatwork mix has the ability to work with stenciling. This makes the whole process easy and flexible as stencil joints are not pushed down into the slab, making them unaffected by aggregate size or shape. The whole process works well and the technique can create many patterns. Check Topline Floor Care for more details.

Fast Process

Another benefit that comes with concrete stenciling is that it is a fast process as all the work is done from outside by using tools that are long-handed. The work goes on fast as the crew can cover larger areas in a short time and a begin working in the stencil without the need for waiting for the concrete to set it enough to bear their weight. These make the overall job easy and fast which saves a lot of time and labour involved in the process.

Snow Removal

Another added advantage of using Brisbane concrete stenciling is that it produces a flat surface profile than the alternative stamped concrete patters and this is due to their joint indentations being less deep. In spite of their indentations being not as deep, the effects are still realistic. This is because the elevation between high and low points is not as noticeable, giving them a flatter surface which can aid in removal of snow. This is because it causes less interference with the blade of the shovel as the snow is being removed.

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