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6 Simple Hacks To Make Your Furniture Last Longer This Summer

With the influx of immigration and property markets rising in Australia, exciting new upmarket furniture shops are reported to be popping up like daisies this April. In case you have inherited your furniture or looking to buy readily available pieces through various furniture packages Perth shops offer, or would just like to boost your home with an upholstered makeover this summer, the following tricks of the trade can help you achieve the domestic facelift you are looking for.

Fabric Protection

A home isn’t complete without a few spills, accidents or fading. Although plastic covers for couches went out of style back in the 80s, the concept of protecting upholstery never has. If you have decided to purchase new upholstered furnishings from one of the many premium furniture package deals in Perth, you should seriously consider asking the sales agent if the price includes surface protection. Usually, firms that sell furniture packages Perth wide provide this service either for free or as an add-on feature during purchase. If you have children or unruly roommates, it would also help to set some ground rules against using markers, wrestling, jumping on or placing food and beverages on your newly upholstered furniture.


Interior decorators stress the importance of dark drapes, even if you already have lighter linen, lace or cotton curtains. Whether you have new furniture from the many furniture packages Perth shops sell, or have decorated your home with vintage furniture instead, dark drapes can protect your furniture from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Depending on your ethical stance regarding leather, you can rest be assured it is one of the most durable materials used to upholster furniture. Depending on where you buy your next couch from the many furniture packages for apartments in Perth, you should consult your manufacturer to keep your leather upholstery in the best condition possible. Remember water should never be applied to genuine leather and any spills should be wiped promptly with a soft, dry cloth. You should also keep in mind that all grades of leather should be protected from sunlight to avoid ‘splitting’ or ‘cracking’ and surface hardening.

Check & Tighten Joints

An important life hack, especially when it comes to your wooden cabinets, cupboards and beds, is tightening joints that loosen over time. This little trick not only helps your furniture last longer, it keeps them sturdier as well. Once a year, take all your books off your shelves or electronics off entertainment stands and give those wedges and screws a good turn.

Always Keep Spare Parts

In the age of modular furniture for your bedroom, bathroom or even living room furniture package deals in Perth, consider purchasing a few extra parts in case your design is retired by the company from further manufacturing. Usually, manufacturers have a bin of extra dowels, screws and other parts that can be interchanged in the future, instead of purchasing new furniture.

Paint Resurface Restore

If you have had a wooden chair, table or bed that has become a bit scraggy with use over the years, head over to your local hardware store and put a bit of sweat and muscle into sanding, varnishing and staining them back into revival.

Furniture becomes an extension of your own aesthetics whether on a budget or doing up your first home in luxury. These life hacks will keep your furniture in the best condition possible, even with daily use. For more upholstery ideas you can visit sites like for more experiential advice.

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