Alternative ways to pesticides in pest control

Whenever there are pests, most people are guilty of reaching for a can of insecticide to get rid of them. While all you want is to rid your house of your crawling insects and pests, there are still much safer, non chemical control options that can equally be the solution to your problem. In fact, use of pesticides, while undertaking pest control in Sydney, should be the last option when faced with pest situations. This is because scientists advise that staying off pesticides is the best health decision one can make for their health as well as that of the planet.

Therefore, reconsidering dependency tendencies on the synthetic pesticides is something homeowners ought to reevaluate. Use of pesticides is said to have gained popularity after the World War 2. These pesticides have since then seeped into 90 percent of our rivers and streams with researchers claiming that people all over the world have at least 40 different pesticides in their blood streams. These cause harmful effects in the blood stream of many people, including nausea, headaches and more fatal health problems such as cancer and lung damage. There are ways you can still do pest control in Sydney, if you live here, without necessarily having to use pesticides.

Do prevention first

Prevention practices are great when it comes to pest control.

–         If there are any sources of food or water for these creeps, remove them. Store your food in plastic or glass containers that are sealed where these pests cannot get room to enter.

–         Then garbage should be regularly removed or placed in very tightly covered trash cans.

–         If there are any leaks in the home, fix them and prevent water from accumulating anywhere in your home such as trays of house plants or refrigerator.

–         If you have any pets, ensure you leave their food outside and not leaving them overnight.

–         Also rid your house of clutter including stacks of magazines.

–         If there are places that pests can hide such as crevices, they ought to be closed.

–         Also before you carry any package to your home check them for pests first.

Correct use of pesticides

If at all you have exhausted all options, then you are left with pesticides. However, you ought to use them correctly to avoid them being harmful. For example, in the areas where you are applying the pesticide ensure that children are as far away from them as possible. There are low risk pesticides that you could start with such as baits. You can also contact your local service provider that offers services of pest control in Sydney so that they can recommend the best methods to use in your area.

If you have to use pesticides, then also ensure that they are only applied to the specific area and not sprayed to a whole room. Apply those approved for homes and dispose the containers well.

There are a variety of methods that are safe and which a person can employ for pest control in Sydney homes, and pesticides, in fact, should be the last resort.

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