Get Ergonomic Desks and Improve Your Company’s Economy

There are little things that go a long way when it comes to workplace productivity. These include the type of furniture given those that do not offer comfort most likely will affect productivity negatively as you will be straining your body. You need furniture that give you the freedom to choose your posture and position while working. These should be able to allow you work standing or sitting depending on what you prefer. Such furniture includes the sit stand desks.

sit stand desks
sit stand desks

The advantage of these desks is that you get to break away from the old fashion office setup where you always have to sit to work. This change of posture helps you enhance your health and stimulate your mind. These easy to operate adjustable desks come with options that include electric, hydraulic or windup adjustment systems that allow you the freedom to choose your working position.

Height adjustable sit stand desks

  1. Luka desk

If your business is such that a number of people are required to work together at a particular time, then this is a good option. It is also suitable for businesses that are designed to operate with shifts where different workers will need the desks at different times. In terms of size it comes within a dimension of 1800 x 800, with a height that can be adjusted between 665 to 870 units. Its top part comes in a warm metallic white colour while the base is black. In terms of weight, it is 70 kilograms.

  1. Highrise desks

As the name suggests, these can be adjusted to a standing position up to 1060mm. It is available in three dimensions 1800 x 800, 1500 x 800 or 1200 x 600. For the top, you can either get the melteca or thermonate. The base offers further options between sliver and white. For the adjustment mechanism you can choose between electric and wind up.

  1. Electron Desks

These can also be adjusted to enable you work at a standing position with an adjustable height of up to 1200mm. It gives more options in terms of dimension giving you four varieties to choose from. These include 2000, 1800, 1500 and 1200mm in terms of length, with a standard width of 800mm.  For the top you get to choose between melteca and thermonate, while the base comes in silver. The best part is that it is electric operated.

Benefits of Adjustable sit stand desks

Ergonomically, the benefits include improved health in areas such as the joints and back since there is a lot of shift in position. This means that rate of employees seeking sick leave is reduced. Economically, the benefits include improved productivity since staff members have fewer breaks during work, hence more time spent working.

There are numerous types of sit stand desks that can be made to suit you personal needs. One thing for sure is that you want to deal with Systems Commercial Furniture given their quality and variety. They provide excellent products that will serve every purpose you need them for. Visit the office along Nelson Street in Auckland or check out the website for more variety.

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