Solar Panel – The Best Way to Generate Electricity

Years have gone since Albert Einstein got Nobel Prize for propounding the Theory of Photo electric effect. According to this theory, whenever light comes in contact with any solid substance, two charges are set, negative and positive. This results in an electric current in the solid substance. From this concept, a solar panel was invented, and numerous other inventions are being carried on until date. For instance, LG announced that they would soon be launching their bifacial solar panels somewhere at the end of 2016. These will have a peak capacity of 300W and will be highly efficient. The article published on Renew economy dated 16th July 2016 also stated that it is expected that soon Australia will secure a higher position than its present eighth position among the countries in terms of the use of solar energy. For more information on Gold Coast solar panel and more in Australia, read on…

Installing a Gold Coast solar panel at your place will help you to reduce your regular energy consumption bills, and at the same time you can contribute to the global position of Australia in terms of Solar PV installation.

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If you take a typical solar panel that generates electricity, it will consist of 36 solar cells. The size of these cells will be different depending upon the amperage or the wattage of the panel. The solar panels are rested on an aluminum panel, and it is mounted on a tough frame.

The total electricity produced by the solar panel will depend upon the type of material with which the panel is made. It can be

·         Monocrystalline panels that are made up of 1 mm thick wafers. These wafers are made of silicon crystal.

·         Polycrystalline solar cells have thin wafers of multifaceted silicon crystals. Normally, they are less efficient than the monocrystalline solar panels.

Generation of electricity from a solar panel

Solar panels use the photoelectric effect for generating electricity. Now, as pure crystalline silicon is not a good conductor of electricity, it is not that efficient when it comes to production of electricity. The electrons of pure silicon cannot move freely for transferring the electrical charges. Hence, some atoms of other elements are added to the pure silicon atom. One such element is boron that when added to silicon increases its accessibility of electrons. With boron, silicon becomes P-type silicon and if phosphorus is added it becomes N-type silicon. P type silicon accepts electrons readily, and N type supplies electrons.

The photovoltaic cells or solar cells are made with different layers. At first, there is the P type silicon layer, and then there is N-Type silicon layer and then a layer of electrical conductive layer. There is also a contact layer made of metal.

As sunlight falls on these layers of electric cells, the photons get charged and start moving with the layers. In such a movement, the P type receives the charges while N-type gives them away. This is how electric current is generated, and it is then channelized for utilizing as electrical energy.

So, while you decide to install a Gold coast solar panel, you need to know about all these things. Knowing will enhance your knowledge so that you can discuss your queries with the technicians working to set all this up.

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