The beautiful benefits of bamboo flooring

Most people are opting for eco-friendly home to do their bit in preserving the mother earth. And if you are thinking of starting with the greener move, you may opt for bamboo flooring in geelong which is one of the strongest and hardest natural materials and comes in a variety of styles and designs with multifarious advantages.

Eco-friendly:  Bamboo is a natural floor covering with the properties of hardwood flooring. Bamboo plant is a renewable resource which grows to maturity within three to five years.

Durability: There are many types of bamboo that are very hard and durable. Properly harvested un-carbonised bamboo can be as long lasting as red oak flooring. Strand woven bamboo is another type of flooring, which can be properly produced to be very strong and resistant.

Designs: Bamboo flooring in Geelong is a very trendy flooring that can enhance the look of the interior space instantly. It has an appearance and feel almost similar to hardwood yet there are distinct qualities that elevate the appearance of the room.

Refurnishing: If the bamboo floors become discoloured or marred with passing of time, they can be the finishing coats which give a renewed look to the floor surface. The amount required for sanding can be determined by the thickness of the bamboo plank.

Easy-installation: There are many ways to install bamboo floors and the most popular method is floating floor installation, which requires no adhesive like the ones required in plank flooring. This shows that a normal homemaker can even install a bamboo flooring all by himself. While most professionals suggest face-nailing or sub floor installation, yet if you do not have the privilege to seek professional help, you may consider floating floor installation method, which opens up this flooring option to the masses.

Cost: The price of bamboo flooring in Geelong varies greatly depending on the percentage of material, grade of the veneer, finish, etc. The entire pricing differs accordingly, and you can choose from the myriad range; from the premium ones to the low budgeted ones according to your pocket.

Adaptability: Bamboo floor is one of the most sustainable and adaptable flooring options available. There are some floors that require different kinds of materials to be installed as a subfloor. On the other hand, bamboo can be installed on many varied surfaces. While vinyl or tile floors demand laminate sheets, an inexpensive wood subfloor is adequate for a bamboo subfloor. Bamboo is not much sensitive to temperature changes like stone or vinyl, therefore this type of flooring can be practically installed anywhere.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Bamboo flooring is comparatively easy to maintain, and it can be cleaned with a sweep and regular vacuum to remove dirt and debris. You may also damp mop it at times, and clean the floor surface with non-wax, non-alkaline bamboo floor cleanser. You should not allow small abrasive elements to build up on the floor as they will mar its surface within short time. Bamboo flooring is comparatively more resistant to damage from moisture than most other hardwood floors. However, you should never let water to remain spilt on the surface; it should be wiped away instantly. This is because bamboo is porous and water can permeate through its upper surface causing scars that will be impossible to remove. Water may even cause warping on the upper surface.

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