Types of Home Extensions that You Could Add to Your London Home

The first step to creating your home extensions is in finding the right architects and builders london has that will create beautiful spaces that add value to your home. The architects will design your spaces to your specifications while the builders will build up your spaces based on the architect’s designs. Some builders London has today have both of these services under one roof in order to make the process as easy as possible for you.

There are great imperatives for getting this process right and building only the right extensions. Badly designed property extensions could actually lower your property value and you will have pumped lots of money down the drain. The best approach is to always hire an integrated property developer London service that can manage all aspects of the building process. Generally, companies will assist you in securing the permits, planning consents as well building regulation certifications to give you the green light for the extensions. There are other services that you can get from the developers or builders London has, such as monitoring the progress of the constructions, and ensuring the safety and top standards for your home extensions or refurbishment London projects. When hiring the builders London contractors, it is always advisable to ask for references along with the recent jobs that they have completed so that you can carry out a holistic evaluation of their work. Check TAGE LONDON for more details.

When it comes to home extensions, there are several kinds which you can construct for your London home. These include the following:

The Ground Level Extensions -Today’s ground-level extensions are seamlessly integrated with the overall housing design. When planning the ground-level extensions, it is necessary to have the same flow of materials, structure and finishes to ensure that the outside space feels very much like the space on the inside.

The loft conversions – The loft conversions provide creative ways in which you can make use of existing spaces. For example, if you add an extra bathroom or an extra bedroom, you will be able to increase the value of your property by anywhere from 15-20%. When planning your loft conversions, pay close attention to who you choose for the project.

The basement conversions – These are amongst the most expensive home extensions development projects. They are also highly specialized projects that require considerable skill. The basement extensions are particularly common in the high-cost areas of London where space is limited.  The exciting thing with the basement conversions is that you can get a completely new floor as well as internal living space in some of the most highly sought-after addresses in London. Basement conversions are typically used for leisure such as Sonos London installations in every room to provide quality entertainment.

Basement conversions are particularly good for the older buildings which have sturdier foundations and higher ceilings. Even though modern houses can also be converted, it is advisable to verify with the building specialists in London first on whether it is feasible. In some places such as terrace houses, you will need to adhere to a thorough building regulations compliance procedure before you can proceed with your projects. For more information, just visit at http://www.tage.london/

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